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Apple of my Eye - A Comedy

by Cultist Chan

The sun shines brightly on top of the sky. The green, smooth leaves of the apple trees bask on its light, as the birds chirp and tweet between branches, the fruits ripe and plump, ready to be harvested and consumed. In fact, the only thing missing in this typical summer picture is the farmer herself, bucking and kicking with her usual energetic demeanor. The farmer, however, is not on the orchard right now. She’s in the barn, and so are you. You are sit

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Purple - A Romatic Comedy

by Ziggs Pippbottom

Squishy. That’s the first word that comes to your mind when you poke her rear. The fact that Twilight is not a very in shape pony becomes glaringly obvious when your finger sinks in her cheek slightly. The soft, pliable flesh easily gives in when you open your palm, trying to grab as much as you can of her backside, letting it slide off the tips of your fingers until you give her a small pinch before retiring your hand, which makes her tingle a bit with

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by Akemi Homura

I WANT MY HAT BACKAKEMI HOMURA I lost my hat. I want it back.

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Anti-Matter and You

by Lute Za'Hal

Setting up the Anti-matter and You: So, Nanotransen, in their all-knowing and considerate wisdom, has shipped you some boxes, and a few canisters of antimatter, eh? Not to worry: from a mechanical point of view, this way of generating energy is substantially easier than setting up the Singulos! To start off, drag your starting Anti-matter Reactor Panel into the middle of a preferably open space. Wrench it into place.

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A Hint of Vanilla - Gothic Ethics

by Izzie Martins

-”I…I don’t know…” You smile, running the back of your hand through her silky pink mane, trying to reassure her as best as you can. You tell her that it will be fun, and pleasant, and that, if you do something she doesn’t like, you will stop the moment she tells you. She hesitates, avoiding your stare for a few seconds, but you know she’s already made her mind. Eventually, her big cyan eyes meet yours, and she nods ever so slightly, her yellow cheeks bl

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ERP: Reprecussions of Evil

by Kor Phaeron

Transcribed by Temia Eszteri.Kor Phaeron waited. The adminhelps above him blinked and sparked out of the chat box. There were ERPers in the server. He didn't see them, but heard ghost chat whining about them. His warnings to SoS were no

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We must Dissent

by Sister Miriam Godwinson

Selected quotes from "We Must Decent" And will we next create false gods to rule over us? How proud we have become, and how blind. And so we return again to the holy void. Some say this is simply our destiny, but I would have you remember always that the void EXISTS, just as surely as you or I. Is nothingness any less a miracle than substance? Men in their arrogance claim to understand the nature of creation, and devise elaborate theories t

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Blakists and Clanners

by Miles Winter

Mechwarrior Isaac's eyes flicked over his battlefield displays again, the dim screens washing his enclosed cockpit in a rainbow of colour and light as status updates blinked and warnings flashed. The enemy commander was in his sights; a Blakist Cerberus. Hunched shoulders, and guns for arms. The sudden reminder of who he was fighting caused Isaac to grind his teeth. Most Inner Sphere warriors were dezgra, - without honor. Blakists w

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Who is The Doctor

by Jon Pertwee

I cross the void beyond the mind The empty space that circles time I see where others stumble blind To seek a truth they never find Eternal wisdom is my guide I am the Doctor Through cosmic waste the TARDIS flies To taste the secret source of life A presence science can't deny Exists within, outside, behind The latitude of human minds I am the Doctor My voyage dissects the course of time "Who knows?," you say But are you right? Who searches deep to find the light That

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A Hairy Day To Honk!

by Mommymilk Dalton

A Hairy Day To Honk Honker stepped quickly out into the whistle clean sunshine, and admired Bigwig's clown mask. "Ah," he sighed, "That's a honking sight." Bigwig climbed off the stun baton and walked robustly across the grass to greet his lover. Honker patted Bigwig on the Horn and then tried to honk him enticingly, but without success. "That's all right," Bigwig said. "We can try again later."

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The Heroic Saga of Brother-Captain Matthias W

by lolpwnt

Brother-Captain Matthias IronSoul Ward the All-Magnificent of the Ultramarines.Captain Ward was born on Macragge. Upon turning five, he asked to enlist in the Ultramarines (best chapter of them all) like his father to help Daddy kill the aliens. He was taken in as the youngest ever initiate due to his superior marks in schools, blinding speed, and deadly strength.He passed all the training with ease. At the age of 13, fully augmented, he joined the Tenth Company. He was given a special sniper rifle that sho

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The Miracle Of The Corgi!

by Mommymilk Dalton

The Miracle Of The Corgi Jennifer Winters hated Christmas. She didn't just dislike Christmas, she hated it like a shower of giblets, sprung through arcane measures. She loathed it. Every December, Jennifer Winters would feel herself getting all eyebrow raising inside. She refused to put up a Christmas Nuclear Authentication Disk, she snapped at anyone hair-covered enough to sing a carol in her vicinity, and she never, ever bought anyb

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SPACE ADVENTURES: Basic Equipment (Part 2)

by Professor Backfire

SPACE ADVENTURES: The Basic Equipment Obviously, a normal human being can't survive in outer space without the proper equipment. This typically takes the form of a space suit, often incudling a helmet, which come in many different models. Space Station 13 is equipped with several standard suits in EVA, plus some more durable models in Engineering, designed for working around the singularity. (they also have handy mag boots to prevent unwanted spacewalks) The Captain

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Diary of a Janitor

by Kameron Ring

Why did I ignore my parents? They told me day after day to try my best so that I could grow up and be successful. Doctor. Cop. Captain. No matter how much they told me, I kept ignoring them, and now look where I am now. I'm stuck on a hunk of metal held together by duct tape orbiting a ball of plasma. Normally people would be excited to live in space, but now me. Why? Because said people are so DIRTY. The worst part is that it's my JOB to clean up after these animals. I can c

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