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Inspection #453216 #10590 Published

INSPECTION OF "Capitalist Airstrip Golf" INSPECTOR: Smith Ereens, codename "CentCom A" INSPECTION GOAL: ASSESSMENT OF STATION INTEGRITY AND CREW COMPETANCE INSPECTION RECORD: 1) Station Integrity a) Either by choice or by lack of maintenance, there was no gravity for the entire lengh of the inspection. -5 b) Supply of paper was low, AI did not assist in aquiring paper. -5 c) Supermatter Crystal delaminated, adjacent departments demolished, -20 2) Crew Competence a) In a show of absolute lack of any resemblance of understanding, common sense or any form of higher brain functions, the Supermatter Crystal was delaminated in a standard setup. -25 report to HR for reassignment b) Medbay response to critically injured patient sub-par, yet existant and effective. +5 3) Command Competence a) AI silent as showing lack of updated subsystems or crew recognition. -5 send brain to The Room for reprogramming b) Command staff silent, rushed shuttle call shortly after inspection begun. -5 c) Captain had a VERY powerful and energetic voice. +10 report to HR for promotion to CentCom captain 4) Antagonist Review a) Station Changeling deemed shift as satisfactory. -5 b) Traitor too busy patching up wounds to respond to questioning. +0 c) ninja in visible distress, slashing fellow antagonists and inspectors. +5 5) Shuttle a) Gorillas. +5 b) Aliens. -5 c) Posessed Deathnettle. -10 jesus fuck FINAL SCORE: -60 "AI law 2 get me the auth codes" CentCom, Spinward Sector, 2374 CST

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