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The boy who cried "Metaga #10583 Published

THE BOY WHO CRIED METAGAMER There was once an annoying fucking boy named Abdul Shakur who spent all his hours gaslighting anyone who killed him in OOC and ock icking if he wasn't already dead, and this boy just so happened to get killed again! (SHOCKER!), so he goes into the OOC channel and cries "Metagamer! Metagamer!", "You'll get banned permanently!". Now the admins took his claim seriously and decided to investigate the matter, but when they looked into it, they found no such thing of a metagamer! The admins warned him not to use urgent adminpms, but Abdul was determined to get these metagamers perma banned! "Admin! Admin!" Abdul cried. "They're metagaming! Can't you see? I have the screenshots that I took of only the things I wanted you to see!". As determined as he was, Abdul's pleas were not heard by the admins for they did not believe him, and in doing so they made a very good choice, as they we re not really metagamers and Abdul Shakur was just being a shitter! The moral of the story here, don't be Abdul Shakur.

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