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Negligent Discharges #10582 Published

Negligent discharges are a part of being a gun owner I have had 5 negligent discharges The first time I was just messing around with my gun at my desk and aiming at random shit. I racked the charging handle and shot a round through a painting nearly hitting my dog The 2nd time I was showing off a new handgun to my friend and I was showing him how light the new trigger I got was and let a round off between his legs The 3rd time I was cleaning my gun and when I went to pull the trigger to pull off the slide I blew my computer monitor up The 4th time I was pulling my holster out of my pants in the bathroom to take a shit and let a round off between my legs and put a hole in my pants The 5th time I was at the gun range and when I went to take my rifle out of my bag I picked it up from the pistol grip and let a round off in the cealing Negligent discharges are really common and anyone who says they haven't had one is lying or simply doesn't own guns.

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