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Woody's Got Wood II #10579 Published

WOODY'S GOT WOOD II: THE WOODENING Andy's mom immediently called the ambulence to take Andy's ass-blasted corpse. A FEW WEEKS LATER: "Wait what?? You're SUING US????" cried Woody, his face still covered in shit from being in Andy's unwiped ass. "Yes because you gave Andy a fucking hemorredge and killed him!" Replied Andina, Andy's mom.This made Woody sad. He cried. His tears washed the shit off his face and on to the floor.As Andina bent down to clean up the mess, Woody and the other toys got wood. After seeing Andina's round ass (just like andy's) they couldn't help themselves! they all delved into the depths of Andina's behemoth sized buttocks. Before long, Andina's anus couldn't hold in all that plastic and burst. Andina died from a fucking hemorredge. THE END

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