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Guide to Paranormal Entities #10578 Published

Have you ever seen the paranormal? The strange? Well, then this is a guide for you! It'll guide you throught any paranormal encounter, helping you identify the creature, and how to deal with it. Firstly, there are three types: -Parasitic, -Camouflaged, -Psychic. Parasitic ones are the easiest to identify, but also the hardest to deal with. To identify a parasitic entity, at least three of the following characteristics must be seen in an area: -Some sort of glowing green goo. -Infected animals. -Contaminated water. -Trails of dragged bodies. -Green larvae in humid areas. Now, to the different types of parasitic creatures:The Centomorph This is a creature that mostly tries to have it's presence be known, be it through books or videos, but when said book is written, or said video is recorded, the creatu- *The rest of the book is covered in greenish blood.*

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