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Lizard Breaking #10577 Published

The history between mankind and lizard is one full of bloodshed. The war between TerraGov and the Tizirian Empire, which was waged over 150 years ago, claimed billions of innocent lives and millions of dubiously-innocent human lives.. Among the most vile of humanity's crimes was the shattering of one of Tiziria's moons. However. a crime rarely detailed in TerraGov-issued history books was the fact that humans oft took physical advantage of the lithe, attractive civilian lizardfolk they managed to get their hands on when they captured territories. Neither male nor female was spared the throbbing, sweaty cruelty of their human captors. In the later stages of the war, entire harems of lizardpeople were being sold back to Earth to the highest and most depraved bidders. With this in mind, it makes one wonder if modern humans have similar urges which they choose to supress through other means. When a human security officer administers a vicious beating on one of our kin, is it out of genuine hatred? Or is it out of another kind of lust, a forbidden one that may never be quenched?

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