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Jokes! Vol.1 #10570 Published

Why did the person eat the lightbulb? Because they wanted a LIGHT SNACK! What dose the painter do when they get cold?They put on another COAT!There are two brothers who are identical twins, one brother is a super succesful dentist while the other is a lazy bum. The dentist finally gets a day off and goes home, but he gets mad because he never doses anything, so he forces his brother to go get some groceries. The lazy brother agrees and goes to his ship to drive the local store, but he dies in a accident. When the grim reaper goes to collect his soul he makes a mistake and goes to the dentists house instead. The dentist opens the door and gets all scared, but grim reaper explains he was looking for the lazy brother. So the dentist gets sad because he dosent want his brother to die, so he challagnes the grim reaper to a duel. They will brush their teeth for 1 minute and who ever has the cleanest teeth after 1 minute will win, if the grim reaper wins both brothers die and if the dentist wins both brothers will live. They all brush their teeth and teh dentist wins, so the grim reaper lets the lazy brother win. The dentist gets a call from his lazy brother and he says "Dude you wont belive what just happned, I allmost died in a accident!"The Dentist replies "Oh yeah, I too had a BRUSH WITH DEATH TODAY"

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