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The Librarian and the Clown 3 #10566 Published

The Librarian and the Clown - An Erotic Memoir - Pt. 3 While her suit jacket slides off her delicate form she begins attempting to remove her glasses, but her trembling hands seem not up to the task. Seeing her struggle, the clown removes her glasses with a confident hand, placing them carefully on her bookshelf and then gracefully navigating back to undressing her. As her undergarments are removed the clown fondles and plays with her buttons, gently squeezing and prodding at her until she relents and begins begging "Please, I need y-your huge clown cock to breed me. I need you…" Reveling in her groveling, the clown flips her over onto her back and pins her down by her frail wrists, her full nubile beauty exposed to him. To return the favor, the clown slowly removes his overalls and unsheathes his bulge. As the overalls fall to the floor, a warm air is let out and fills the small private study with his manly, unwashed aroma. In the same instant, his enormous shaft of hot hard meat slaps against the librarian's tummy and he begins lightly thrusting, almost instinctively. Utterly overcome by his presence, she freezes. The clown retakes himself from his lust and starts tenderly moving her legs into breeding position. As the librarian comes to terms with her subjugation, she begins to let out small whimpers and cries as tears form in her eyes. The clown procedes, pressing the tip of his bulging cock to her petite virgin pussy. Before penetrating, he leans down, wipes tears from the librarian's eyes and kisses her on the forehead, then the lips, running his hand through her long flowing hair. As they embrace, lips lock, she pulls away and gasps as she feels herself being split. The girl looks down to see the girth of the clown's cock stretching her to the physical limit. Her eyes are wide with pain and awe as the clown reads her face intently and slows his advance. She closes her eyes shut tightly and turns away in a mix of embarrassment, pleasure, and fear. Then, the clown grips her hand tightly and presses forward, forcing himself through her. Her eyes shoot open again "Relax…" murmurs the clown while he starts slowly moving his hips. He draws himself out, then pushes through deeper than before. Each incremental increase prompted a sharp moan from the librarian. After nearly an hour of gentle thrusting and stretching, the girl looks down to see the full girth of the clown's monumental dick completely engulfed by her. The feeling is tantamount to being impaled, as if the majority of her insides belonged to the clown's phallus rather than her own internal organs. "Now, we can really start." remarks the clown as he smirks. Once again, the girl's eyes are wide with fear and anticipation while the clown starts slowly pulling his cock out of her again, to her, it feels as if he is taking her guts with him. However, before he reaches the halfway point, he begins steadily thrusting back in, pushing her up against the back wall of the study. Again, this time faster, she screams in ecstasy this time. His speed increases exponentially and her screams continue until her eyes roll into the back of her head and her screams become drooling moans. As the clown rearranges her organs, he grabs her hand and places it on her midsection. With her hand in place she can feel the clown's massive penis moving through her body. The experience overwhelms her as she looks down at her bulging stomach and she cries out "Cum in me, please!" Nearly startled by her enthusiasm the clown bears down on her, grabbing her wrists once more and pinning them to the desk below her. The clown's sack clenches and his thick shaft swells, the veins popping to cause indentations on her insides. She feels the surge in his cock and braces herself, as just then a stream of hot thick semen flows from the clown flooding the librarian's womb. He remains pressed into her for a moment, arms wrapped around her, gripping her to his cock as he releases his load into her. When the clown pulls out, the trail of cum left behind leaks onto the librarian's formerly neat desk, which has now been soaked with her juices. The clown sits back in the librarian's soft chair, his sweaty balls making an imprint on the leather. The librarian attempts to stand, but her legs quickly falter and she falls into the clown's lap. He hears her breathing, it is quick and panicked, she is trembling and her heart is racing. The clown feels her ooze from her pussy onto his thigh, but doesn't mind, as he wraps his arms around her and cradles her head in his hand. She begins to relax, pressing her face to his sweaty chest, as she kisses him tenderly.

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