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The Librarian and the Clown 2 #10565 Published

The Librarian and the Clown - An Erotic Memoir - Pt. 2 In the instant the panel slid open the girl was overtaken by the potent musk of the clown before her. The stench of space lube, dried bodily fluids, and of course sweat, all accumulated over a week nearly brought the librarian to her knees. Quickly sensing weakness, the clown leaned forward, through the opening as he firmly placed his elbow on the librarian's desk. With each movement, he only released more of the pent up smell. The clown knew that his victory would be overwhelming. A trembling mess, the librarian attempted to hand the erotica to the clown, who now seemed to dominate the space around her. No matter if she glanced away, or backed herself up against the scanner control machine behind her, she could not escape the influence of the clown's sex appeal. Just then, he relents, the clown retreats to the table in the middle of the library, sits down, and begins perusing his literature. As the librarian recuperates, trying to take her mind off carnal pleasures and back to her work, she once again is struck by the fact that she really has no work. If that were true, then what is she meant to do here on this space station, what could she possibly spend all this time doing? Deep in thought, the clown bursts her bubble as always, once again towering over the glass panel. "I-is there a p-problem, sir?" squeaks the librarian, "Why don't you slide this open and we can solve my problem?" replies the clown in a husky yet silly voice. Quivering, the girl opens the divide once more and is again subjected to the temptations of the clown. The pair stare into each other for what seems like hours, in utter silence. After an indeterminate amount of time, the silence is gently split by the patter liquid hitting the tiles beneath the librarian. They both look down to see a small puddle forming underneath the librarian's skirt. The librarian stood there, utterly transfixed by her shame below. She then quickly looks up as she hears the iconic squeak of the clown’s shoes as he circles around to the library desk access door like a starving xenomorph in a zoo. She shifts herself to follow his approach and as the clown stands before the clear glass door the librarian realizes the extent of his physical excellence. The clown is broad shouldered and his form stretches nearly to the top of the seven foot high doorway, standing there, he almost utterly eclipses the door. As the librarian stares, she feels herself begin to drool and barely notices the clown slip on insulated gloves and hack the library access open. The squeak of his comically large shoes announces the clown’s entrance into the librarian girl’s private chamber. All she can do is gape up at him, wide-eyed and blushing. The clown places a firm and strong hand on her tiny wrists, guiding her a bit forcefully to the private study behind her. “I figured you might have a place that would be a little more… clandestine.” says the clown as he scans the dim room filled with arcane manuscripts and grimoires. The sight of which seems to bring the librarian back to herself and she frantically begins putting things back in order as she nervously says “I-I wasn’t expecting any guests- I’m sorry, this stuff is probably all weird to you!” Just as she bends over her desk to place a particularly dark tome in hiding, she feels large manly hands wrapped around her thin waist and shortly after a tremendous presence presses against her raised backside. The clown's hands slide under her suitskirt and towards her lower back where he carefully demonstrates his knowledge of human anatomy. Caressing her backside, causing it to gently rise as the shape of his bulge becomes more defined. Feeling companionship for the first time, the librarian girl is submerged in pleasure and anxiety. Seemingly in response to her concerns, the clown moves his hand to her face and begins fondling her mouth. Her increased saliva production in response to pleasure causes her warm moist mouth to envelop the clowns' large masculine finger. "Relax. It will feel much better if you just relax." he whispers as he leers forward and softly kisses her neck. The clown then presses forward, pinning the girl to her desk as his other hand maneuvers to unbutton her suit. The librarian begins letting out gentle moans muffled by the finger still serving as a pacifier for the nescient girl.

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