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The Librarian and the Clown 1 #10564 Published

The Librarian and the Clown - An Erotic Memoir - Pt. 1 The pervasive silence of space was quickly broken as a cloud of used fuel is jettisoned into its vastness, filling it then causing it to quiver with sonic energy in the wake of a shuttle. As the shuttle plunges through the darkness it slows as it approaches the climax of its journey. Within the shuttle, sits a nubile librarian, clutching her book bag and gazing out the window painted onto the shuttle wall. As the shuttle slows to a stop, she dons her glasses and realizes that the spacescape she was enjoying was in fact a painting. She looks wistfully around the other sparse passengers in the shuttle, or rather passenger, as the only other individual with her is a clown that has been staring at her from three rows away. As her eyes scan his masculine features, obscured by pale paint, she finds herself lost in his form. Just as quickly as she fell into it, she is shaken from her fantasy by the mechanical whir of the opening shuttle door. As the librarian’s eyes track back to where the clown was seated she realizes that he has already left. Unbuckling then standing from her soft shuttle seat, she glances back to her embarrassment as she has unintentionally soaked the seat in her stupor. She looks frantically for something to dry her seat before deciding to instead hurriedly abandon the scene. As she steps foot onto the sprawling space station, taking in the bustling atmosphere, she nearly forgets her place before she dashes through the halls towards the library. She was already late to her new position and as she ran, occasionally catching glimpses of the work being done around her. Medical staff were rushing injured personnel to the medbay, scientists were conducting groundbreaking and safe experiments, and cargo was supplying them all with everything they needed to work as a well oiled machine. As her pace slowed, a wave of heartache washed over her as she began to grasp the importance of her work on the station, or rather, lack thereof. Her eye line shifted down to the floor in melancholy as she left the more populated parts of the station and continued towards the library. The neat clicking of her shoes became her only soundscape, occasionally accompanied by the beeps and automated messages of the displays that spanned the walls. Looking up solemnly from her gloom she enters the quaint library and begins organizing her workplace. As the lonely librarian shifts the mess of a library into a tidy state, reflective of its caretaker, she sighs and curls her floor length dark brown hair on her finger. Just as soon as she finishes her meager duties she is startled by the familiar whir of an opening station door, she quickly darts up to see a figure standing in the frame of the library door. Tall, pale, and silly, the man wears a red nose upon his face and a head of bright orange hair. Immediately recognizing the clown that she had been fawning over on the shuttle, she stammers out a welcome. Saying nothing, the clown walks forward, each step letting out a squeak, as if he was announcing his advance towards her to the station. There he stood before the glass panel held his daunting masculinity at bay from overwhelming the frail quivering librarian girl. His lips, painted comically red, parted as he began to request a book. She couldn't even process what he was saying as she gaped absent mindedly at him. Once again awoken from her clown-induced daze as he slammed his fist against the glass and shouted "Hey bitch, you listening? I said I want the best BBC cuck smut you have, and not because I am a cuck, I'm actually a n*gger under this makeup." Flustered by his brash words, she could do nothing but stumble over to her book inventory management console. As she began thoughtlessly typing on the console, she began to fully process what he just said, and a wave of warmth washed over her face as she felt her porcelain skin turning red. Immediately recognizing the arousal of a woman, the clown prepared a plan of attack and began his assault by casually leaning on the glass between him and her. After it had been produced by the book management console, the flustered librarian carefully picked it from the tray it lay in and pressed a button on her desk, finally removing the glass divide with an automated sliding motion.

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