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Sorbis's Journal: Damian& #10563 Published

I saw Damian this afternoon, and he looked depressed, which is uncharacteristic of him. Usually, the blue lizard, despite his job, is a bubbly sort, always looking to cheer everyone up wherever he steps, even after he's suffered and lost so much. But not then, and presumably not now. I was making my way to the showers, hoping I could enjoy the hot water before everyone flocked to the dorms, and to my surprise, someone was in the shower all the way in the back---the one I usually use, and the only one unlocked before 6 PM. I simply waited outside of it, since I was already partially undressed and had a towel around my waist. I looked around, thinking someone must have left their clothing, but not a single article was in sight. About ten minutes passed, and the door to the shower slid open with a hiss, and out stepped the blue-scaled, nearsighted lizard, looking forlorn. Once he turned to his left and saw me, he immediately did his best to perk up, his eyes widening a little and his frown being forced up into a smile. "Oh, he-ey, Sorbis," he greeted with a wave of his right hand, trying to sound happy, but his tone of voice and his eyes still betrayed him, both heavy with a deep sadness. I simply waved at him and stepped into the shower, but not before pausing at the door and turning to him, asking him "Are you okay?" His eyes darted off to the side, and he nervously chuckled, before shuffling off towards his dorm. Another thing I noticed: his tail wags whenever possible, and it stayed motionless behind him then. Something was wrong, I thought, and I would confront him about it later, but I had to shower first... About thirty minutes after my shower, I was walking from my dorm to Damian's, just down the hall. I hoped I was a little more easy to approach, given I was in my night gown, but books on getting people to open up only get you so far. I knocked on the metal door of his dorm twice, and waited. Inside, I heard a bed creak underneath changing weight, before shuffling across carpeted floor. Not long after, the door slid open, and there was Damian, beaming his toothy grin (sharp teeth would be menacing, but his are a welcome sight), that same pang of sadness from earlier still present in his eyes. "Hi again, Sorbis!" he cheered, extending a welcoming handshake. I lightly shook his hand, and nodded. "Hello, Damian," I fluttered with a small smile, before asking "May I step inside?" He tilted his head, and a look of confusion flashed across his face for a moment, before he hesitantly nodded and stepped aside. I walked in, and the door shut automatically behind us. The rumors about Damian being raised by a human must be true: his room is decorated like a human nerd obsessed with Ancient Earth, with old video game posters lining it, and even a small portable computer sitting on his nightstand, and beside that, stacks upon stacks of CDs and floppies. "I wanted to ask about earlier," I fluttered, pushing my glasses up my fuzz-laden nose. "Are you okay?" His expression quickly changed from cheery to shocked, and he darted his eyes back and forth nervously, before sighing, sitting down on his bed, and patting a spot beside him, a forlorn look adorning his face once more. I sat beside him, and stayed quiet, eyes affixed on the depressed lizard. "I'll never be accepted, will I?" he asked quietly. Confused, I asked "What do you mean?" He sighed a long sigh, and pushed up his own glasses to rub his eyes. "I do so much to try and help everyone. I gather minerals, put myself in life-or-death situations to save my fellow coworkers, and when I'm not mining, I try to do everything to help. And still..." He sniffled a little, and I scooted closer, despite the social anxious part of me screaming to stop. He sobbed a little, before choking "The cap still called me a 'good-for-nothing ligger'." At this point, I frowned with him, and I hugged him. As soon as I did, he reeled around to face me and hugged me tight, sobbing incoherently. I felt warm tears drop onto my shoulder as he bawled. "Th-There, there," I stuttered, hugging him a little tighter. "You're welcome in my book, alright?" My consoling seemed to make him ease up a little more, and he loosened his grip and quieted a little, but tears still flowed from his eyes like a river. "You don't hate me?" he stammered through held back sobs. I smiled warmly, and fluttered "Why would I? You're a joy to have around." Even with the tears, his eyes grew bright again, and a smile (different from his usual beaming; an authentic smile!) pulled his lips forward. "You mean it?" he asked, and I nodded hastily. "Of course," I answered. I can't recall how long we stayed hugging each other like that, but as I left his dorm, he stared at me with happy eyes and that same smile from before, though he looked sad...

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