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A study of the Clown and Sec #10560 Published

It's no secret that a Captains uniform or a red armoured security uniform is fucking cool, but this often attracts a certain subtype of Security officer those with a high sense for social validation and admiration. They strut around, seeing themselves as the most powerful individuals in the station, and rely on this sense of strength to give them comfort. It is then no surprise that they hold a strong resentment for their polar opposite, the humble Clown. The Clown is humble, appearing as a laughable balding man in a silly suit that squeaks like a seal having a stroke. When a Shitsec is tripped by the lovable Bozo, he is sent into a rage that makes him abuse the innocent honkster, throwing his powerless body into the abyss. The Clown dedicates his existence to the funny, he cares not for social conventions, and the Shitsec has no mental or emotional power over him. The Shitsec can only respond in raw violence like a beast, unable to find any other solution to an issue of his own making.

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