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Tackling 102 #10559 Published

You should know how tackles work by now, but here's a referesher. If you hit a carbon mob, the game will roll a die (from 3- to +3) and tally modifiers for both the tackler and target based on their status. You can use a tackle to clear a hole you otherwise wouldn't make without building a lattice or clear a railing that normally would take a few seconds to get over There are certain things you can do to shift the odds of getting a better tackle or making someone weaker to your tackles such as making them clumsy (-2), a dwarf (-2), injuring them so they have less than half health (-1) getting them slightly drunk (-1) or putting multiple wound types on their legs (-0.5 for each wound). On your part, what you can do to increase your odds of getting a good tackle is having gigantism (+2) having wings (+2) wearing riot armor (+2) or being so drunk that you look like a drunken mess or have blurry vision (+1). Things you can do to defend yourself against tackles better is by being fat (+1), wearing a modsuit or firesuit (+1) or by wagging your tail as a lizard (+1). To increase your odds of getting up before someone else does after an average tackle, it's recommended to be on nicotine, synaptizine, meth, ephedrine, pump-up or anything that reduces stuns. Don't leap head-first into walls

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