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The Legend of Muddy #10558 Published

The Legend of Muddy, the Magic Crab
Muddy was a brown crab that talked and was friendly with everyone, for some reason it came to space station 13, at that moment, he tried to bring everyone happines by saying fun phrases a petting everyone!
However, the Crew didn't know that the Crab had magical powers! Yes, just like Wizards! It kept healing people with its magic, all of this for the sake of everyone...

But, everything changed when the Mime hit Muddy, Muddy didn't understand what was happening, so it tried to run, as it ran, more people came to hit it, some people tried to protect it, but it wasn't enought, the security team of SS13 came and tasered everyone, then killed Muddy, some people tried to complain and invade security, but it was no use, they just kicked everyone out, was this the end of Muddy?

While the security team was happy with their sick actions, Muddy used its powers to heal itself beyond death! It also tried to heal everyone, but, people still were trying to kill it, again, and again, and again, until Muddy realised that it wasn't the one wrong, so it gave up completely on life, dying for the sins of the entire crew on its back...The security team kept its body with them... Some people still tried to avenge the crab, but it was no use, it will always be remembered, our divine creature, Muddy....

By: Chen
A book about a Magical Crab

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