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Ghost Walker experiment V2 #10557 Published

May 2022, East Coast USA - I've started to get indignant of Society. There are so many bad people around, but i know that the citizens are not the real problem. Hence, i think i'll try to become a ghost rider figure. I know what i'm doing isn't 100 percent scrupulous but i must become allowed to deal with those power-hungry psychos although i know i can't turn towards any human being or dark entity for what i desire because i know i'd get scammed and/or screwed over without any possibility for redemption. Wish me luck. July 2022 - For whatever reason, i've been getting "piercing from the inside-out" type pains in my back and forehead along with pressure in my coccyx, hopefully it's what i think it is. September 2022 - Okay, now this is starting to get interesting, i've been getting multiple dreams that seem like obvious premonitions of me winding up as some sort of Krampus figure, weird. August 2022 - While messing round, felt my right index finger heat up for no reason, after putting my finger to my palm for both hands, noticed a subtle yet noticable heat difference. October 2022 - What the absolute heck? my palms just feel like their resonating, this has been going on for 72 hours so far. If this works, hopefully i'll be able to flip the upside-down western status quo right-side up soon. End of document, Document to be concluded.

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