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The Chlown's Misfortune #10554 Published

Once apon a time many people existed on a station. But then a Chlown entered the station and everyone was mesmorized by his beauty. "How!!" They all shouted... "How can you be so large so... chadlike!!" The Chlown simpled chuckled and started to flex is insanly large muscles. The staff of the station were upsett by this, they wanted so bad for the Chlown to tell them the secret to massive gains, so they called shitsec. Immediatly as if the skys burst open shitsec rammed their meglomaniac noses into the room and began firing. The Chlown frying under the weight of all the robustness shitsec could offer slumped over in a saddening honk. After the laser fire died down all that remained of the Chlown was a horrid husk of fried massive muscles. Morale of the story: Share your fitness gains with your bros or shitsec will lynch you

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