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please read if u are a girl #10548 Published

im looking for an internet or real life girlfriend. i recently broke up with my other girlfriend because some guy on facebook kind of convinced me he was a girl and we've been sexting each other for about, i'd say about a good four months now. i've sent him pictures of my body and stuff and he turned around yesterday and told me he was a hermaphrodite. i dont even know what that is, he just said i'm a male hermaphrodite or hermadaphatite. i dont know what that is but im just going to assume it has something to do with homosexuality and fetishism. so yeah, im kind of looking for an internet girlfriend, i prefer if you were like kind of tallish, kind of like a modelish type of body, you're hot. i like my tans girls, like if you're covered in fake tan, thats kind of ok, but don't go overboard where you look like snooky. snooky is kind of hot too. i kind of like black hair, i like looking, i have black hair, i have Justin Beiber type hair, its very gorgeous as you can see. i don't like pimples, if you have one pimple, no thank you, i just don't like it. my face is actually very clear, i have gorgeous luscious eyes. my friends tell me that. i got lovely teeth, i got a sexy tongue for tonguing people. i also got a thick body as you can see. alot of people whenever i go swimming and stuff, everyone always compliments my body, guess thats a plus for you. you have to be into vampires cause i have a fetish for them. you have to be able to make me food and stuff and you have to have a hot body and preferably big boobs, i like nice butts and lovely boobs. and you have to have fat blowjob lips, if you don't have fat blowjob lips or big tongue man, im not very interested to be honest. no asians or those sort of people, i dont really find them attractive to be honest. no hairy girls, i got a call from a hairy girl, i thought it was a man at first, so yeah please hit me up with a message if you're interested in dating or whatever and i hope to get back to you. i am looking for some hot sexy young ladies and if you can, please contact me asap because i just need the love of a women so thank you. peace and love.

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