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Nico's Guide to being Rob #10545 Published

The first steps to be ROBUST is to have a good weapon, either a glass shard spear or a toolbox would suffice and keep it with you at all times. Always intent for hitting your foe in the head sinces thats kinda where their brains are for most species. If push comes to shove and they start shoving you, you try to shove them back, make sure to push them against the wall or against a table to knock them down and take to opportunity to CAVE THEIR SKULL IN! Afterwards, dispose of the body, make sure you are wearing gloves and clothing that is not of your department so they can't check the body for prints and fabric. If by pure luck Security havent figured you out then your probably safe. Remember, usually its important to robust someone in self defense but in the off chance you use this guide to actually murder, Not my problem, what will they do SUE ME?

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