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How to Enjoy Yourself With No #10543 Published

# <center>How to Enjoy Yourself With No Job On A Empty Station: <center>The *Definitive* Guide</center> <center>By John Howard, in his own freetime ___ ## Introduction </center> If your reading this, you are clueless. Nobody reads books other than having nothing to do OR if your insane. Since almost nobody is insane on civil stations (but then again, your on that one that ends with a 13), your bored. Skip to the next section if your too bored to read through this. In that case, I'm John Howard. I go by many names such as Howard John or just HOWARD because my name is copied by 6 other people. You dont know me? Should I tell you about me? Are you way too bored with learning about me? Well, short story short, I'm tranfered across the station now and then for random jobs, and sometimes, those jobs and horribly trash or rather boring. You could say I have some experience. Without a further ado, lets get into some way to help. ## <center>How to Escape From Doing Nothing</center> The root cause is that you may be looking for something to do. Some methods, not listed in order, could help. ### Method 1: Get A Job, You Lazy Person Dont have a job or is your job boring? Ask the HOP to transfer to another job/department. The choice is yours, but security is hard to get into and I dont recommend it. If you cannot handle a department to go FULL ON GREYTIDER, then consider... ### Method 2: Explore Space Space is empty, limitless, and confusing. If your not on a planet, consider EVA and hopping out of a airlock if your not on a important role. Many things exist outside space that give rewards or information. Some even claim you can reach Centcom this way, and while I wish that were true, I dont think it is. ### Method 3: Go to the Bar or something What the titile says. If theres nobody there, then just do something else. ### Method 4: Make something Are you skilled? No? It wont hurt if you try! Make paintings, books, whatever!

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