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A old janitors tale #10541 Published

<B>The legend of the omega soap</B><BR><BR> Essence of <B>potato</B>. Juice, not grind.<BR><BR> A <B>lizard's</B> tail, turned into <B>wine</B>.<BR><BR> <B>powder of monkey</B>, to help the workload.<BR><BR> Some <B>Krokodil</B>, because meth would explode.<BR><BR> <B>Nitric acid</B> and <B>Baldium</B>, for organic dissolving.<BR><BR> A cup filled with <B>Hooch</B>, for sinful absolving<BR><BR> Some <B>Bluespace Dust</B>, for removal of stains.<BR><BR> A syringe full of <B>Pump-up</B>, it's security's bane.<BR><BR> Add a can of <B>Space Cola</B>, because we've been paid.<BR><BR> <B>Heat</B> as hot as you can, let the soap be your blade.<BR><BR> <B>Ten units of each reagent create a soap that could topple all others.</B>

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