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A glimpse of the Veil #10539 Published

The most troubling thing in the world, I believe, is mankinds faluire to fully percive, the world in its glory the mansus above, More than the ashy skin of the world we all love. All of that changed upon one fateful day, Where the world opened to me in the most marvelus way, a glint of a hint of the breaking of dawn, Upon this revolation I begain to fawn. But not all came easy, not all came quick. I could not let the crew know of my gift. I caried out reaserch in the depth of the night, frantic scrawling lit by flickering candlelight. All around me my enemys grouped. Security always watching, the Ai above, evreyone trying to stop my quest to above. But they could not stop me, i was quite and I was quick. A glimpse of the winter in my mind seemed to stick. The rune of the MANSUS broke into my mind, the more that I looked the more that I find. Throughout the station, reality broke. I widned the cracks and pulled out the spokes. Power was mine, the power of cold. But one of the stafies head my eldritch words

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