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The Humanist Party- Origins and whereabouts #10531 Published

The Humanist Party was founded on January 8, 2555 by Nanotrasen critic Ben Griffin, aboard Station 13. Annoyed by the pro lizard sentient, and inspired by pro humanist writer Smity Werbilmenjenkins, Griffin began reading his works publicly over the radio and publishing pro human works in a station wide newspaper.A flash mob of over a dozen pro human, pro segregation supporters appeared, and Griffin declared this meeting to be the birth of the Humanist Party, and named himself Chairman. The library of Station 13 became it's official headquarters.Security and Nanotrasen began to scrutinize the party, and this triggered a deep rage among the Humanists, resulting in the lynching of over a dozen lizards and pro unity supporters. Griffin was killed in the assault, and Nanotrasen began to outlaw anti lizard activity and The Humanist party, but rumor has it that the Party still exists, in secret, within the halls of Station 13...speculation exists that members of the party can be identified as individuals who sometimes, at random, chant the phrase "GAS THE LIZARDS, RACE WAR NOW!"

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