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Kuroki Tomoko: King-Sized Snickers Bar - Part #10530 Published

As her body goes limp while she enjoys the afterglow of the orgasm, you finally stop pinning her to the wall and lie her down on the bed. Her body tenses up as you tease her clit with your tounge, the overstimulation turning her pleas of mercy into incomprehensible moans and grunges. You begin to fish the melted snickers bar out of her pussy with your forefingers, smearing it on her chest and legs while she remains incapitated by your skillful tounge. Once her cavity is clean of the majority of the sugary gunk, you ready yourself for penetration. As you thrust in and out of her chocolately, carmelized pussy, you hold hold her tightly against you, spreading the chocolate and sweat mixed mess all over your bodies. Finally, she lets loose one more orgasm, locking her legs around your waist as you shoot your manseed into her sugary lovehole while the sweaty chocolate begins to harden on your skin. As you pull your sword out of her sheath, a lewd farting sound is made by the chocolately mess of its previous home, longing for its companion. You fall asleep with her soft, petite figure sprawled on top of your body. As you finally begin to slip into unconsciousness, the door to Tomoko's room flies open as her brother wants to know who ate his snickers bar.

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