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NT Contractor Form 108E #10528 Published

Penned by . I [______] hereby declare that I will serve NanoTrasen for a contract of 5-years, I will be vended my equipment by the corporations of and below NanoTrasen. I will become the position of [______] and will report to [________]. During my 5-year period of Indentured servitude I will provide my specialized services in every capacity to achieve the goals of NanoTrasen and their interests. I will report any suspicious activity that I see or am observant of others behaviors if it effects the good will of NanoTrasen and station's resources. I will not assist, confide, or allow Syndicate Agents, Wizards, Heretics of the North, Cultists of the South, Shapeshifting Aliens, and any other threats to the station it is unlawful and damaging to NanoTrasen as a whole. When and if NanoTrasen response teams arrive I will obey them without question, approach them with no caution to show the good intent of the station and will provide them support in any means necessary to ensure they are able to fulfill their duty of securing the station underneath extreme circumstances. I hereby signature to indicate I approve, agree, concur, and will comply with all of the above until my debt to NanoTrasen is fulfilled and clear. X.. [________] Signature Here If I violate any of the above terms including failing to pay debts to NanoTrasen from equipment provided, assisting in hostile actions towards NanoTrasen to include damage of the station, it's property, AI, or services, and lastly not providing the services requested by my person then I am legally obliged to stay in servitude of NanoTrasen for the remainder of my natural, unnatural, and all to include life while paying my remaining debts.

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