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THE LIFE OF CJ AJ #10516 Published

Ceejay Ajay (formerly known as CJ AJ) was born on the moth cow ranches of Mars. He was the 5th of 5 children, including. BJ AJ, DJ AJ, TJ AJ and AJ AJ. His father was an abusive drunk and worked as a station engineer on the local space station, space station 12. He used to beat him and his siblings TERRIBLY to the point of death but he never took it seriously as it was character building for him. He beat CJ every day and night with a screwdriver (something which he still has PTSD from till this day) (he has scars horribly all over his body due to this, which is a trigger for him) after he had to walk to and from Assistant School up hills both ways. One day his father said to CJ. "you will never be an assistant on the space station". This was the last thing that was said to him by his father as that day he released a singularity on the station KILLING all his brothers and his mother leaving him as an orphan. This was the reason why Nanotrasen stopped using singularity engines. Once his whole family died it terribly in an accident he wandered until he got to Space Rio De Janeero, the capital of mars. Which was over 400 miles from his moth cow ranch. He never went back as it brings back many memories of his family. He wandered the mean streets begging for space credits until a roaming gang of Head Of Personal robbed him, shooting him 9 times in the process. CJ thought this may be the end of the road, boyz II men 1991. until Pun Pun and his family came and resuced him and nursed him back to health. He lived with pun pun and his family until he was 16 years old. Pun Pun to this day is like a brother to him and he still keeps in contact. Once leaving home again he joined the nanotrasen space death squad. He was the best sniper in all of boot camp and was sent to fight in Space Veitnam. Turned out his brother BJ had survived and was also in the Death Squad Army. His commanding officer was surprisingly his father who sent him on suicide missions to kill off his offspring once again. He was sent on various TOP SECRET undercover missions to fight the space russians until he heard his brother BJ stepped on a land mine, it never went off though as he never took his foot off. So CJ risking death went to save his brother who had 3 days til he retired. Once at the landmine he realised it was too late, his father had came back to kill BJ and it was a trap for CJ. CJ took out his sniper which had already 400 confirmed space commie kills and shot his father inbetween the eyes. setting off the land mine blowing them both up. After this he was awared the space medal of victoria cross. Which was the highest possible medal to receive. He was caught in the blast which sent him to the medbay on his 17th birthday where he was again, nursed back to health by Pun Pun. Who got him a job at space station 13. There was one caviat. Due to his father releasing the singularity they changed the naming conventions for ID cards forcing him to become Ceejay Ajay. Which he still works as an asssitant to this day...

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