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Nukies be like #10515 Published

Ok we spent 25 minutes getting ready,I guess its time to attack the station. *Goes in thru Evac where 70% of the people can see them meanwhile nukie disk is clearly in fuckin Brig where its on the other side of the station* Waste 80% of their ammo on bystanders missing 60% of the time* *2 out of 5 Nukies already got killed by a chemist with a ghetto syringe gun and a clown with ion rifle* *finally make it to brig with around half health* *They all realize that they have no way in because they all forgot to buy C4s or even Airlock Override* *Waste whichever ammo they got left on the 2 brig doors* *Walk in with 0 ammunition whatsoever* *get crit by HoSs pet made sentient and lynched by Cap,2 Sec offciers and HoS using stun batons on lethal* *Sentient Caymar knabs Captain's disk from his pocket,delivers it to syndie shuttle and blows up the fuckin station*

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