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History of Gort #10503 Published

Gort was synthesized as a crude joke among some of the Ablocture scientists. So, when he was created, he was imagined to be small, useless, and wouldn't amount to anything due to how inferior he was. Gort was insecure for most of his life until in his solitude, his experimentation and tinkering led him to discovering he was just as capable as any other of his race. -Since Abductors don't have similar social drives and emotional states to most humanoids, he didn't seek approval (the need to prove himself better than what was expected of him) nor did he need to prove it to himself Gort decided he was going to go off on his own and be a solo abductor though, other abductors don't really care if he's independent, but he doesn't get Abductor Guild free stuff (he has to trade with them). -Abductors are extremely careful with letting loners go, as bad actors want to leave and leak Abductor technology to 'inferior' races. Gort was let go because they used the mind-reading tools to determine if he planned on doing that But Gort never wanted to or planned on defecting, he genuinely just wanted to do Abductor stuff alone nor did he want to share. Gort operates independently, so he often ignores Abductor News and Intel he had access to. He doesn't really care about warnings since he wanted to push the limits of his experiments. Which often lead him into getting in trouble. Like any Abductor though, he is always extra precautions to not let his technology get stolen, and eventually built two Alien Metal Golems called Omegabyte Prototype and Alphatrex Gargoyle (he thinks Gargoyles are a quaint concept) The Golems never leave his UFO (unimaginably fast object) though, and handle it when he's busy doing field work, they always come to rescue him though if he gets into trouble though. Gort eventually met a rogue faction of Abductors known as: 'The Clan of the Hunt'. Abductors who reject the typical scientific research-based culture, and decide they want to hunt lifeforms for a variety of reasons. Gort was intrigued by their diverse ideas and goals, but wasn't interested in joining them, since he still wants to achieve his own goals of research but through abduction, experimentation, and studying. The determined Gort is a threat, and their Leader Gart accused him of traitor (despite never joining them, just hanging around them for a while). If The Clan of The Hunt's existence was revealed, abductor kill-squads would be sent to exterminate them and their facilities so their technology could never fall into inferior hands (even if The Clan of The Hunt doesn't want to share their tech, but they're much less secretive and more sloppy, which makes them a threat to the core Abductor faction) Gort wouldn't reveal their existence because he wouldn't go back to get his mind-read/it would make him considered a threat as well. So, The Clan of The Hunt now pursues Gort when they can, he's marked as wanted by them. Gort eventually lands himself in the Venus Supermax prison as high-risk inmate due to his tools of destruction he was using vs Venusians in space. Gort imagined he would get locked away for good due to the size of the facility, but inside of it was actually basically just a mansion and a permanent party atmosphere. Through the partying though Gort earned a life of the party VIP badge, which basically meant he was released to go free. Eventually Gort returned to Nanotrasen and Syndicate space to start his science experiments again. During this time he met two very strange humans who had secretly let themselves get captured by him, who convincingly pretended to be knocked asleep (they were on anti-sleep stimulants), They told Gort they wanted to interview him, and study his emotions, mindset, and goals in life. Gort was astonished they even knew Abductors exists (they didn't, they just heard rumors, and had apparently been waiting for a moment like this for ages, always ready for it by keeping stimulants on them). Thinking the coincidence was hilarious, and their similar interests, Gort humored them and played along, because he wanted to basically do the same to them. Trading information and stories, Gort befriended Polaris and Lysander, who he discovered were clones. They were very willing to share their psychological information and research with Gort, believing he was just a benevolent Abductor since he was solo. Ironically, their trust in Gort kind of warped his behaviors a bit and gave him a perspective that made him more sympathetic towards those who he experimented on. While Gort would continue to experiment on people, he wouldn't try to kill them anymore, or leave them with horrible trauma. (and he if he does, he'll just revive them/delete those memories) Gort eventually meets Largo Tambor, and after being loose acquaintances he helps him construct the Jet Gundam Exosuit for Largo, as Largo did not actually have the capabilities of

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