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Guide to being an Assitant #10496 Published

Chapter 1: Introduction to assiting. As an assitant you don't really have a job, instead you have the ability to do whatever you want (mostly). in this book i will demonstrate the many thing you can do with your lack of responsiblities. Chapter 2: assiting people. one of the many things you can do is DO YOUR JOB. Head out an assitant someone, just make sure to ask someone first. Chapter 3: Treasure hunting. do you like LOOT? do you like ADVENTURE? do you like SUSPICOUS PILLS? well then you should go treasure hunting. There are 2 places to go for treasure, space and maintence. going in to maintence is easier because it's survivable, unlike space. unfortunatly maintence will end sooner and result in less treasure. space has more loot but is very deadly, having monsters, but having loot like laser guns, a real gun, and a pilotable ship! Chapter 4: Greytide.the important things about grey tide is- *the rest of the page appears to be chicken scratch and some blood*

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