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The Boy Who Cried Shitsec #10494 Published

---- ### ''The boy who cried shitsec'' by Andrew Mower, 2549 --- There was once, a boy who had an internship in a space station, he assisted on keeping it's maintenance halls clean, wired and all round as the station desired... but.. this boy had a wicked sense of humor... 'shitsec! shitsec! there's shitsec he'd cry, and the entire station would come to find, the boy. Alas, when they'd find him, he would laugh, laugh and laugh for he liked to lie, about dangers that could arise. The crew would always fall for it, just to come back kicking and grumbling to their departments... 'gods smite that grey!' exclaimed the bartender, ''my boomstick has been teased over and over, I am reaching my blowing point! And my team is suffering a bad rep because of him! This insult shall not stand!'' replied zealously to the HoS. ''Everyone, be calm, and listen to what i have to say..'' The captain stated with utmost patience, standing on the bar's counter, a feat none could repeat. ''It is true that true that his pranks take a malicious turn, but we must understand: He is but a boy! And we must have our patientce with him as our parents did with us. For how else can we become great if we do not learn for what is wrong first?'' ''Yeah....'' Pondered the clown. ''Yes, Cap's rite! We-a must-a let 'em know that's lyings wrongs!'' And as everyone nodded, Captain hopped down from his impromptu pedestal and returned to bridge, calm. The boy abandoned his dark, damp home, and made his way to the small shop that the engineer had set up, as he browsed through the trinkets and odds he stared in awe: for there was a flare gun in sale. "How much for that?'' He asked. pointing at it's barrel. ''Why, that ain't for sale, kiddo, its for self defense, yknow how it is...'' The lad pouted. and marched away... orgy to come back with two guards, and unsheathed his finger of falacy at the poor technician: ''Him! He's the gun, selling ones!'' The guards spring to action, and in the chaos, the shifty child jumped the table, and took the gun for himself, as well as many other items. The crew, witnessing this, looked at one another, and nodded. Tonight is the night. The child laid in the maintenance halts, taking a rest from a day full of tracks, when a loud THUMP dragged him away from his slumber... The hallway extended as far as the eye could see, the darkness masking it's secrets... exempt, from growing green eyes materializing from behind lockers and the such. Accompanied with them: Sparks of electricity, crashing against the walls as they approached the boy. WAAAHHHH!!! SHITSEC! SHITSEC! SHITSEC IS HERE! SHITSEC HAS COME TO TAKE MY EARS! SHITSEC HAS COME TO JAB AT MY TITS!' He ran, taking urns from hallway to hallway, the ghastly figures stepping to his heels... 'SHITSEC!!! SHITSEC!!! SHITSEC HAS ARRIVED! THEY WISH TO TAKE MY PRIZE. MY GLORY, AND MY EYES!" but no matter how much he cried, the crew would not come... for the kid who cried shasec, was known as a liar. The following morning, everyone was jolly and smiling, like nothing was wrong. but the captain knew, and was the only one who mourned. ''Oh foolish child. must your innocence be a crime? To find humor in things that everyone else understands?'' ''Why must you have lied again and again, to the point where even your truth was taken as false...'' "but your falling was not in vain, for now all will know. Not to cry shitsec, when the case is not as such....''

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