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Rhials Duffy: An Autobiograph #10493 Published

My name is Rhials Duffy, and this is my autobiography! Born in the slums of planet Earth, life was very rough. at the age of 7, Clown Operatives had just arrived to destroy the planet! The glorious Nanotrasen was there to make sure I was placed into the space program in order to pay off my taxes. Taxes that include the bluespace artillery power used to blow the operatives off the face of the Earth. Who the hell pays their taxes? They told me I could have one more meal before eating space food for the rest of my miserable existence, and of course it was my favorite restuarant, Arby's! So tasty... Anyhow, I then decided that I should become the captain of a new design of space station! Tram, my beloved.... Yea I proceeded to blow it up because it was just too funny! Man, all those memories really build up when you become as old and decrepit as me!P.S. I also quelled a revolution! Remember, unions are bad! I won't get paid as much! P.S.S I sure hope Quinn likes my life story! *Events may or may not have occured OR are chronologically incorrect because I am old and senile!

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