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Changeling Interviews Volume #10491 Published

Do you consider yourself evil? * Not really+ it takes a specific mindset to consider ones actions evil and continue doing them.. * I do not have that mindssset, and thusss while I do thingsss that may ssseem morally wrong, I do not consssider it evil.Can you slap? * yes.What is your favorite TV show? * Twin peaksWhat kind of food do you like most? * uhh, Him. (Him being Carl Gazz)How did you get on board the station? * uhh, Hmm. (subject thinks for a minute) Drop podWhat is your favorite flesh suit and why.? * Assistant I guessWhat is your favorite color? * blueDo you think you are misunderstood as an evil changeling * I'm not a changeling I'm your sister.What is your favorite changeling sting?* NONE. I'M NOT A CHANGELING. I'M STILL YOUR SISTER.

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