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Void and how it works! Pt: 1 #10490 Published

Hello my dear readers! You're reading about "Void" and how it works. "Void" is place where Space laws are ignored and usually it's "Changeling" hives builded by themselves from space ships debris that drifted into.. hey you would check it right? Then you dont need info where it drifted right?..If you are so curious talk to me at next shift. If i wont forget everything after brainwash i will try to take you into void. Dont fuck up everything. Please.Sometimes you cam find alive space dragons, usually they're not hostile because they were human like you that got under Syndiecate traitor program. They will try to eat you if they fought with changelings.Avoid these fuckers at all cost! You wont survive a second without weapon. Changelings are problem too, if you got place to call "Home" dont go into void at all cost.Void is place when you can go with your family. Hope that you're family ready to havepain, nothing more, only pain.happy riding trough anomalies! Thats all for today folks! Dont forget to check new book at next shift and good luck!Next shift, Void, Brainwash. Dont. Forget.

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