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The lusty xeno part 2 #10489 Published

The Lusty Xenomorph part 2. I awoke from my sleep, dreaming of the sex that happened last night. I sit there for a moment not remembering last night until it hits me, I BANGED THE XENOMORPH MAID!!! I got up from my musty bed and hop on my terminal. I then open up Discord. I look for the skyrat server, it's kind of hard to find due to all the other sex servers I'm in. But I find it, I then post pictures and screenshots of the AMAZING sex I had with the one and only LUSTY XENOMORPH MAID!!! Everyone applauds me, including the skyrat host! But then, discord notified me of a dm, It was the lusty xenomorph, her discord name was "Sexy Sub kitten#1246" I see she said "That was amazing last night." I said "Of course it was amazing, I'm so good at sex." After that we chatted for a while but then, she says "Wanna meet up?" "I said "OF COURSE!" We then set a time and place, sadly she was in the U.S, (I live in the UK.) But even though were so far away I decided to say that I lived near her, She said we could go to the sex inn TM, I said that was fine, we agreed on the meetup time, 1:00 AM that way noone could stop my unvirgining sex! But she said the only time she'd be able to do this was tomorrow, it wasn't enough time. I had to think of something. So I googled a way to get to the US quickly, I found out fighter jets are really fast! So I went to the closest military base, the "Brits ahoy military base." When I got there, everyone was dead. Turns out not having good healthcare and never brushing your teeth could be so deadly! I got into the fighter jet and was able to turn it on, I play so much gta 5 online I know how to turn on every military vehicle I see, I love killing noobs for no reason, theyre so trash! But I'm able to fly it to the U.S, but then top gun maveric comes out of nowhere and tries to shoot me down! I shit my dildo out of my ass, wait a second MY DILDO! I eject my pink (Very cute) dildo at him, he sees it and suffers from a stroke. Stupid Americans! I fly to the sex INN TM, I'm 4 hours early! I rent a room put on some skunk spray (All furries like the smell of rotting shit)and waited. When its time, she isnt there... I wait for another 9 hours, still nothing but then I see someone, It looks like my lusty xenomorph! She walks up to me and says in a manly voice, "SORRY DADDY, I HAD SOME TROUBLE PUTTING ON THIS WIG." I stand there in shock I then yell, "Y, YOURE A DUDE!" He says, "DUH DADDY, MY CKEY WAS TRAP#1546" I'm completely dumbfounded, but that fucking bitch says the word, "AMONGUS!!" I scream and run out towards the jet, All hrp/mrp players hate the word AMONGUS. Its just so unroleplay'y. I fly back to my home and do a sad jackoff to furry porn, the end.

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