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The spacers Bible #10488 Published

I met a odd man, he had traped him self in a glass box. He had said he wanted to see it all. This man's name was Alex Steel, he was in prison garb. I asked him what he would like to say to those who read, he said "That everything they dream can be true, and always spank a clown" and "Also blue hair people are evil"After that I left to go be SSD. he said he was a part of the station "I can't gray tide my self". I asked him "So the ai is a part of the station, and you are to. does that make you the ai?" he said in return "Thats a great question, The thing is my vision is limited And also i can't open doorsI then asked "So are you basicly the god of the station?" He then said "That could be one of the answers yeah, But im also THE station."He said "It's part of god's plan, My plan, Our plan. The station must complete the cycle. The crew must die or escape and the station, me, have o blow, To reincarnate in another station"i said "so is it all your doing?" he said "Im part of the station now, This is until i blow up. To reincarnate again, In another station"He said "Any more questions, curator?" I said "Yes, if not your doing then whos?" He said "Only a few can be chosen to be part of the station, It means a great responsability so they only select the most stupid of assistants. Because, what could be wrong when an assistant is locked? Nothing"

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