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Greytopia III - Winged Beast #10442 Published

My Grey Fellow Men and Women, My Comrades! I believed that I should return again today whence I came, namely to the people! Every person is a representatives of this nation, with the one difference that you do not receive any salaries, and often it is more difficult for you to come to such rallies, more difficult than for the so-called qualified representatives of those democracies. I have always looked upon this undertaking as possible, as within the power of the country. But I was of the conviction that strength could only be given to a body in which the sight and the essence of the new condition was already incorporated. Therefore, I was resolved to build up a small movement, beginning with those people who should already have within themselves that which appeared later as really essential to the whole of society. And this was perhaps not so hard as I thought, inasmuch as I was already on guard against the danger of unworthy place-seekers or selfish persons joining my ranks. My Grey countrymen, my soldiers. We have a full of fame and glory behind us. One likes so much to draw analogies from it. In this fight Grey heroes have fought in similar situations, which also seemed hopeless. We should not draw any comparisons with former times, at all. We have no right to do so. We have the strongest army in the world. We have the strongest faith in the world. Joey Petunia had to fight against a preponderance of power, which was just as choking (in his time). As he waged the first Grey war, he had 17 grey shirts in the state. When he was compelled to wage a third one, for years, there stood 6 against 57. A man with all his willpower stood up in spite of all reverses so that he never despaired of his success, and when he despaired, he wished to pull himself together again and then take the flag in his strong hands. How do we wish to speak of that to-day? We have an opponent in front of us, who may have an immense superiority, who may have lethals and tasers, but we will rival him in regard to faith. And so it will be in all things, and above all we have Cargo today. It is also no more the time of the World Grey War. What R&D is accomplishing in the East alone, is, for us, beyond evaluation. Greytopia !! All Salute Greytopia !!

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