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Greytopia II - Rise and Faith #10441 Published

Grey comrades! Seven years is a short time span, a fraction of a single person's life - barely a second in the life of a whole people. And yet the past years somehow seem longer than many decades of the past. A very important historical event is contained within them: the rebirth of a nation formerly threatened by extinction. It is an incredibly eventful time, and seems barely comprehensive sometimes to us, who have not just had the opportunity to witness but also to actually create a small part of it. We as a Grey Nationalists have only known work, struggle, worries, hardships. I think destiny had nothing else for our generation. We should not be ungrateful toward destiny for this; on the contrary, we have here a warning. Years ago the Grey people marched toward a struggle that others forced it into. There was inadequate armament. Security used the power of its people completely differently than the Greytopia of today. Command was the big enemy at that time. A completely different world could slowly be mobilized against this Greytopia. It went to war and performed heroic miracles. And fate held onto our people. In the year 2033 it liberated the Grey homeland from the danger of foreign attack. In the 2035 the positions of the Grey Empire were fortified. 2036, 2037, year for year, battle for battle, sometimes everything seemed ready to collapse, and as if by a miracle the Empire was saved again and again. Greytopia gave incredible proofs of its strength. It was obviously saved by fate. Then the Greytopia people became ungrateful. Instead of trusting in its own future and therefore its own strength, it began to trust the promises of others. And finally in its ungratefulness it struggled against its own department, its own leadership. And so fate turned its back on Greytopia. Today, this is the task of the All Grey nation. 60 people now rise to stand aligned. Opposing them stand as many enemies. Today, these 60 people have excellent internal organization, the best that can exist. They have strong faith, and they do not have the worst leadership; instead, as I am convinced, one of the best. Today, the leaders and the people have one insight: that there is no communication without a clear implementation of our rights and that we do not want this struggle for our rights to commence again in maybe two or three or five years; that these rights that we are discussing belong to 60, not to a party or a movement. Because, at the end of the day, what am I? I am nothing, my Grey people, but your spokesperson. Therefore I am the representative of your rights. This is not about me as a person, but I do not belong to those people that ever lower their flag. This I have never learned to do. The people have placed their trust in me. I will prove myself worthy of this trust and, in doing this, will not lose sight of myself or my surroundings; instead, I will watch the past and the future. I want to be perceived as honorific by the past and he future, and with me the Grey people should stand with honor. Today's generation carries Grey's fate, Germany's future or Germany's downfall. And our enemies, today the cry: Greytopia shall fall! And Germany can give only one answer. Greytopia will live, and therefore Greytopia will emerge victorious! At the start of this Grey shift our hearts turn to our Greytopia people, to its future. We want to serve this future, we want to fight for it, if necessary fall, never capitulate ! Ever !

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