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Greytopia I - The Red Threat #10440 Published

We are determined to stop the nesting of an abusive people (security) that has been able to seize all leadership and to deport this people. Because we are willing to educate our own ! We have hundreds of thousands of the brightest grey shirts. We will have them educated, and we are already educating them, and we would like them to once occupy the leading positions in the station with our other educated classes, not the families of a people we do not know ! Above all, however, the grey shirts' culture is, as its name implies, grey and not red ! And its administration and care are therefore placed in the hands of our people. But if the rest of the world cries out with hypocritical expression over this barbaric expulsion of such an irreplaceable, culturally valuable element from the station, then we can only be amazed at the consequences that are drawn from it... It is also difficult to see why the members of this department are otherwise being expected to serve the grey people, but in the countries so swarming for these 'splendid people', they suddenly refuse to accept it under all possible excuses. I believe that this problem will be solved all the better. Because the station can not calm down until the security question is resolved, and the red shirts dealt with ! It may very well be that sooner or later there will be an agreement in the station on this problem, even between departments that would otherwise not find their way together. The world has sufficient settlement space, but it must finally be broken with the opinion that the red shirt people are destined by God to be, in a certain percentage, benefactors of the body and of the productive work of other peoples. Security will have to adapt to solid building activity as other peoples do, or it will sooner or later succumb to a crisis of unimaginable proportions... And one thing I would like to say at this perhaps not only for us grey shirts' memorable days: I've been a prophet in my life very often and was mostly laughed at. At the time of my struggle, it was primarily the security people who only accepted my prophecies with laughter ! Damned them be ! Once I have the tiniest grasp of our power, I would take over the leadership of the state and thus of the entire people and then, among many others, the Security problem. Bring solutions. I believe that this laudable laughter, meanwhile, has stifled security in this station already in the throat. May they all be ashamed for their actions.

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