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Horrors of Mario Smoking Weed #10439 Published

**1. Introduction.** *"I feel like the image of Mario smoking weed has had an out-sized effect on internet culture. Do you agree ?"* *Most certainly*. Not only is Mario smoking weed but he shamelessly posted a picture of the act on the internet. I am shaking in fear. I hate Mario and I hate weed. As studies show ; the consumption of Marijuana (Latin name for weed) and Marijuana addictions are closely correlated. As we can see by his posture, he doesn’t hold the joint at any time, indicating he is used to smoking dubious amounts of drugs. This paper is aimed at explaining to the lambda reader how dangerous can it become to be Mario. I will now stop my introduction. **2. Disgust.** Seeing this image drowns me in hatred for both the Mario plumber person and his lit weed cigarette. Internet culture has been downhill since 1987 when Mario started smoking this monstrosity. What ensues is none of a coincidence. I can only imagine shock and despair after the damages he has done to young children. Perhaps should they begin smoking Mario the Luigi brother instead. I hope this smoking Mario photography stops being used as propaganda for the plumber community. They are as hurt as we all are. Weed not only disgusts me, but has a much worse taste than diesel in the morning. I hope Mario finally teaches his kids the right way. Perhaps his loving wife even. Do you want to smoke weed ? American studies shows weed can affect you in many ways, such as : 1 - Being part of a society. And much more. **3. Conclusion and personal thoughts** I have no conclusion as this individual knows no remorse for what he has done. There simply is nothing more to say. I hope to never think of this forgotten memory ever again.**References** [1] Hugh Grant. "The holy bible", 2014. [2] Luigi. "Brother... For I miss you", 1984.

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