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Fuck Nanotrasen #10436 Published

Now I have to think back to all the crazy shit that's happened while i've been Captain here. I suppose I can't finish this log entry without mentioning the "Syndicate". It's a no-brainer that if you piss off as many people as NanoTrasen has, you'll make some very nasty enemies who are just as bad, if not worse than yourself. The Syndicate's top men are mostly ex-CEOs of businesses which NanoTrasen forcibly put out of business by destroying their holdings and killing their employees, then making it look like they did nothing at all so they get away scot free. The Syndicate's leaders are smart - some are in it to avenge family, others on principle, others to recoup lost profits. The one thing they have in common is that all of them are out for cold, hard revenge and they don't mind sinking to NanoTrasen's level to get it done. The foot soldiers and mooks who do the work are another story, though. There's all sorts of them - escaped convicts, ex-NanoTrasen employees, anarchists, marxists, crazies, basically more mixed nuts than a squirrel with the shits. We've been attacked by them before several times, all of the stations have - the results tend to vary. Sometimes they send a pack of batshit bonkers madmen who wouldn't look out of place standing next to fucking Genghis Khan, other times when they actually want shit done they send the really evil sneaky bastards. What I want to know is where the fuck do they keep getting nuclear bombs from?! I suspect there's some government involvement somewhere down the line, but i'd rather live than look into that. Then there's the fucking Space Wizard Federation. I don't know anything about those guys other than they are scary as hell, running around the station blasting people into chunks and hurling balls of fire out of fucking nowhere. I'd heard something about some weird hi-tech cult but these guys are practically luddites, spewing thees and thous and using all sorts of weird archaic references to shit and wearing burlap robes and fake beards. Either someone found a way to inflict their insanity upon reality itself, or these guys have some insane technology we don't know about. Frankly though i'd rather put a very large distance between me and anyone who looks like a decripit methed up hobo and can tear my entire body apart in an instant by poking me in the balls hard enough. Then there's "The Gibbis". Good fucking god, the Gibbis. Who or whatever created this hideous universe has got to be mocking us for sure - if I wanted my body to spontaneously melt into a pile of diseased chunks i'd drink the fucking beer in the bar. It makes the Devo Virus look tame, the Devolutionary whatever the fuck it was called. We just call it the Devo Virus for short and it doesn't make you grow a silly hat and make strange music. It turns out this virus decides to snip or add a few chromosomes here and there and bam, you devolve back into a chimpanzee. The chimps of course tend to be significantly more productive than the crew I have now and nowhere near as hairy. If I had to pick out the single greatest threat to the station though, i'd have to say it's the fucking crew, hands down. That includes the crotchety fucking IBM piece of shit we're supposed to call an AI, which essentially amounts to being a glorified doorknob with none of the charm. Of course, if there happens to be an ion storm, or the replacement parts were faulty, or some fuckwit thinks he's so goddamn funny telling it to act like an owl, then it goes on a homicidal rampage and offs half the crew. I wouldn't normally complain about something like that, but the replacements are always worse. I don't care what they called me back on the station - i'm not a traitor. I'm a man of principles and standards. Principles which don't kill people horribly and which also incidentally get me quite far, as evidenced by my handy electromagnetic card. I'd say i'm the better man here; I may be a thief and a liar, but at least i'm not a murderer. If you are reading this log, maybe you've started to doubt NanoTrasen. That's good. I urge you to look for the evidence that's out there. They deny, they cover up, they make people disappear but they can't keep it all covered up forever. Start thinking for yourself and using your brain, it's exactly what NanoTrasen doesn't want because then you'll see the cracks and flaws in their big scheme, and once enough people start to ask the hard questions they'll crack and crumble. They'll fall like they deserve to. And then none of us will have to instinctively fear people in grey carrying around large heavy objects again.

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