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<center> Self help explained.</center> The main goal of self help is to attain lasting change in a field the individual desires. Ex :Quitting a habbit (smoking,drinking, etc..) or changing a social quirk, normally to the end of bettering one's self without aid of a professional. There are many things the individual can do to achieve this. The starting principle is having the willingness to change. Without that resolve, one cannot even begin the process to change ones environment to aid in their metamorphisis. The individual may need a jumpstart to change from an outside source; as well as that source may need to be called again for when their will begins to falter. Once the individual has found the will to change they can begin the process. It is important to note that big steps don't happen immediately. Taking small steps is part of the process. Whether it is something small and insignificant as doing the dishes you forgot last week. The first step would be to identify the issue then make changes to aid in the change they want to make such as removing substances that may cause temptation. If that fails, then reduce contact to the point one is comfortable letting go of the substance. Another possible route is medication or finding a hobby to take ones mind away from the issue. Note that you cannot cover every issue one might strugling with in one book. It's important to find sources of knowledge on how to combat your respective demon; that can be other self help books on the respective topic or people knowledgable in the area.

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