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Guide to Robustness #10433 Published

The Guide of Robust By Van Gnome Frist off, you need to not get hit and deal stun. For the first a good way not to get hit is to drink nuka cola, have blue space crystals, moving around a lot(might fuck up your aim if your using a Egun) And the #1 way of not getting hit. don't get in to fights, thats the #1 way to not get hit. If your the captain that may be hard because you have a big target on your back saying "steal my shit, im am the most stupiedest person on the station" and everyone will try to kill you because the smallest thing will set them off on a "shit cap" tieraid. BUT my friend there is a simple fix for that, simpley give the spare to the clown and make a big show of it and then a lot less harm will be fall you. another good way to not get hit is to build a fort. A good way to do this is to take some metal and glass in to maint and wait for the red boys to smash in your face. First in your base building ranpage is make a single point for them to come down, this is to make where they come perdictable and should give them no reason to make there own way in. once you have your choke point made, put tables at the end of it where you are and suround it so they half to clime on the table to get to you, when they do this they must stop for around 2 seconts before getting on the table and when they do get on the table they will be disarmed. use this to your advantage, shoot them well they try to climb up to get to you, its a lot easyer to hit a target when its not moving. and if all else fails and they get on the table just give them a shove with a right click. but every fort will fall no matter how well its made in this event use a blue space crystall or something simalar to get out. this is where we get in to stuns, whale there chasing you throw a banna on the floor behind you, if they don't slip they will at least stop for a secont and pick it up giving you more time to slip away. say if the worst comes to pass and a red sec boy with a mighty stun stick is right in your face. what you do here is pop a blue space crystall and if you don't have it, well your kinda fucked if its maint your in but if your in the hall try runing around them in a circle and keeping one tile away. YOU CAN NEVER get in 1 tile of a sec gurad with a lit stun stick. you must wait till there next to a wall, when they are give them a shove with the right click and take there fancy stun stick and A. run because he's down and with out his stun stick he probaly will leave to get a new one or B. Kill him and take his stuff or C. take his cuffs and lock him in a chair and take his stuff. its up to you what to do. if you went with B or C then USE THE PEPPER SPRAY, it is the best weapon in the sec boy set. it is a instent knock down for anyone with out a sec mask(witch no one wheres, not even sec boys where it) then you can move in to stun and cuff. always cuff, if you cuff you win the fight. you probaly wondering why theres no stuff about really doing damage, and thats the secrit. most robust win with out harm.

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