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I Build my own AI. Part II #10429 Published

<span style="color:#0000FF;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>Yet all I’ve built here is a monster. My own RGB rainbow pulsating Frankenstein’s monster.</p> <p>Please, I am begging you my AI (Artifical Interrogator), I can’t possibly drink anymore Monkey Energy: Code Red or eat anymore Donk Pockets. I can’t physically bear anymore caloric intake. This isn’t what Ratvar would have wanted.</p> <p>This isn’t “finishing the fight!” It’s not ‘Assistans Fuel’ my health is in serious decline. The roboticists lied to me, I’m not “an epic heccin’ chonker!” This is just type 2 diabetes and losing my will to live. Stop feeding me Assistans Fuel, I’m begging you AI. Stop the downloadin’. Did Maximum Overdrive teach us nothing… Is this how Skynet starts? The birth of the malicious super computer AM from I have No Ass and I Must Shit? Or Some other Fictional reference to make the reader go “ahh yeah, that had a machine gaining sentience in it, I get it.”</p> <p>Do you force me to watch documentaries about Lavaland as a warning or does my rogue AI just really really love chess??? I don’t even know anymore. I don’t even know what I don’t even know anymore. </p> <p>The overflow of my PDA messages about shit I don’t care about has blinded my vision. I don’t even know what freedom looks like anymore. I may have built my AI but I am not it’s master. I wish to be free from this unbearable miserkmfgyetd gghmdsfjknsd mdsyygff</p> </span>

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