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Moths to a Lamp 3 #10413 Published

<span style="color:#0000FF;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>Then, Tinea’s head began to circle around lavaland faster than the station, because he had realized that there is a way to do that… “Lumi… y-you don’t have to kill me.., I c-can give you my DNA… t-through… ha-ha-“ Luminata’s arm suddenly shaped its way back into the arm of a moth, and she pressed her body further, pushing Tinea onto his stomach. Why didn’t I think of it earlier? Of course, I can take his DNA another way… This idea gave Luminata newfound fervor. Biting her lip, she fluttered “I thought you’d never consent”. Tinea’s head was firing off more than a clown with a pulse rifle. Tinea fluttered back “If-If it’s you…”. Like a greytider on Nuka Cola, Luminata flips Tiny Tinea onto his back, and pushes her lips against his. The feeling is so electric, that is powers the rooms APC to full. Luminata straddles on top of Tiny, and she looks down into his eyes imposingly. “Let’s do fusion”. Tiny Tinea can only manage a nod back, dizzy with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. Luminata dunked her head into Tiny’s chest, and she chomped her way through Tiny’s suit skirt, exposing his feminine moth chest. Luminata then goes lower, and chomps on the skirt, careful to avoid biting anything fragile. “Looks like you aren’t just Tiny in name.” purrs Luminata, stifling a giggle. Tiny almost faints from how flustered he is, but he holds back from saying anything because he wants Luminata to enjoy herself. Luminata reaches back into her satchel and pulls out a bottle of Space Lube. “The clown wasn’t going to use it well anyway”, fluttered Luminata. Luminata began to gently lather up Tinea’s Tiny, making not only the Tiny erect, but also Tiny’s antennas. Luminata then proceeded down to one of Tiny’s weakest spots… their feet. Luminata tore apart Tiny’s shoes with her teeth, revealing Tiny’s fuzzy feet. She then proceeded to nibble on Tiny’s toes, and Tiny squealed, he was really ticklish down there! “N-No!! No feet!!” squealed Tiny. Luminata got up from the Tiny’s feet and smiled. It’s time to show Tiny my goods… I hope he likes them! Luminata nibbles through her suit to reveal, to put it lightly, the manifestation of the very concept of underwhelming. Tiny’s nervousness was instantly evaporated, and he tried very hard to contain his laughter. For once, Luminata was the one who was flushed, and a quiet “S-shutup” was muttered under her embarrassment. Luminata, out of desperation, ripped off her bottom and immediately plunged Tiny’s pipe into her canister. The stimulation for both was greater than stimulants, meth, and bath salts combined. Luminata started to increase the pressure, and Tiny joined in and swapped from a normal pump to a volume pump. Both of the moths were in a fit of pure ecstasy, multiplied by the feeling of respect and love they have for one another. “Ti-Tinea… i-is that tritium?” Tiny could hardly control his pressure anymore “I-I’m pumping in tritium…” Luminata’s head swirled, the feelings welling up inside of her. “Ti-TINY, I-I’M GONNA DELAMINATE!” Both started giving it their all, it was all or nothing, a chain reaction had started! A sudden feeling of warmth surged from both and a loud buzz came from Luminata! “I’M DELAMINATING!” Tiny got up and embraced Luminata for the delamination, and with a sudden flash, both of them reached their limits and collapsed on top of each other.<br>After being in a moth pile for a bit, Luminata pulled the nearby fabric of reality onto them, and whispered to Tiny “I love you Tinea…, you make my world…” Tiny lights up, and nods back “Aw… that’s sweet, I love you too Lumi!”<br>Then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the door exploded open, William Dornan stood in the frame with nothing but a gas mask, flexed, then screamed “NO ERP ALLOWED” and tossed a water and potassium elance at the moths.<br>The end.</p> </span>

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