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Moths to a Lamp 2 #10412 Published

<span style="color:#0000FF;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>The entrance way to Dorm 3 hisses open to reveal a simple yet elegant dorm room with a velvet carpet bordered by golden trim, and a simple fabric of reality laying on top of the bed. On the opposite of the room sat a golden lamp on a well-cut mahogany table. Almost immediately, Tinea darts for the lamp and stares at it from a menacing point-blank range. “Lamp!!” Tinea exclaims happily, stricken by the beautiful light being produced by the lamp. Luminata smiles, seeing that her trap had worked, takes a step through the air lock, and locks the airlock behind them. The two were now alone and secluded in Dorm 3. Luminata glides up behind Tinea and presses her chest into the distracted Tinea’s back. Suddenly Tinea is taken out of her trance! “H-huh… Lumi… you are kind of c-close…” Luminata embraces Tinea from behind to capitalize on his moment of weakness. Luminata flutters mischievously “Hey, are you ready to see what I wanted to show you…?”. The situation that Tinea is in hits him like a dent in his skull. “I-I… you… uh…” Tinea finds it hard to concentrate, completely flustered by the implications of Luminata’s embrace. After a hard swallow, Tinea finally flutters “Y-yes… please”.<br>In the blink of the eye, one of Luminata’s arms twists and turns in Lovecraftian fashion, to finally reveal itself as a sharpened marrow blade. Tinea’s eyes go bleak with horror, and tears begin to roll down his fluffy cheeks. “A-are… you really Lumi? W-What did you do to Lumi!” This stung Luminata in the heart, for it truly was Luminata, her head was cloudy from her assignment, and she can’t quite remember why she had become a changeling. Luminata pressed her head into Tinea’s nape, and Tinea could feel the tears well up from Luminata’s eyes. “I-I have an objective to take your DNA Tinea… I don’t want to do this but it’s what I’ve been assigned to do, I have to do it for the good of my company…” Tinea’s head was spiraling, it was a green shift, wasn’t it? How did Luminata turn into a changeling? Must be the work of gods… Luminata heaved and fluttered “I’m sorry Tinea, I’m really sorry.” Tinea was about to break down, he could feel how much it hurt Luminata to be forced into this situation… if only there was some way to give her his DNA without killing…</p> </span>

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