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Moths to a Lamp 1 #10411 Published

<span style="color:#0000FF;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>Author’s Note: All events written in this story are the work of fiction, aside from the characters involved. The author is not responsible for any actions caused as a direct consequence of this text.<br>The author is also very, very sorry.<br>Tags (Monster Girl, Monster Boy, Moth Feet, CBT?!?!)<br>2361 AD; 23:56 XI (NT Plasma Sector Hours) | Station 13<br>The stations ventilation creeks and groans habitually as the station sets a course into the latter hours of the daily shift. The automated lighting system dimming the lights to a soft and ubiquitious velvet shade to simulate the night cycle of its parent body. This was to be like any other ordinary shift, with the usual fanatics working their projects through the night, the occasional down on their luck spaceman with a appetite to drown out their memories, and the some whom roam the hallways and return to the dorms to rest before the next shift begins. This night was remarkable in that it was bizarrely quiet, save for a distant honk or the AI voice sequencer softly buzzing “Silent Night”, not much commotion or ruckus has caused the denizens of the station to fly into a frenzy. Central command had indicated that there were no crediable threats to the station, and as such, not much alarm had been set upon their employees. In these times, there are those who take it upon themselves to take advantage of their freedoms…<br>Tiny Tinea bounced down the halls in a bubbly stride. They were a short and somewhat shy but wholesome and energetic moth boy with a charming and effeminate personage. They had a pair of elegant pink speckadled wings that straddled their back and bounced along as they trotted.A soft thick pink scruff covered most of their neck, and wrapped around the back of their head like a gift bow. A pink Nanotresan brand suitskirt hugged their fuzzy body, and hid away the most delicate of moth appendages. They had been a late arrival this shift, and had been assigned to the station with many recognizable faces to them. To them, though, the most exciting part of this assignment was whom they were assigned to assist. Tiny’s best friend, and to whom they found the most admirable and lovely, Luminata Executus. As Tiny makes her way around a bend in the hallways, slowly the cargo bay airlocks slide away from one another, to reveal Luminata standing behind them. Luminata had a much more dominating presence than Tinea, and could be willful and strong worded at times to get what she wanted. Luminata could command a cargo bay like no other, and was driven to become successful in their shipping endevours. Luminata donned a pair of sunglasses over their similary large black eyes, and a full suit and vest to match their position as Quartermaster. Drapped on their back like a cloak, they had large black, speckled wings, with a similar black scruff and nape. On shifts like these, Luminata and Tinea would work together to extract valuable gasses from the neighboring planet. This time however… Luminata was waiting for Tinea, and Tinea had no idea what Luminata had in store for him.<br>“Lumi!” Tinea immidately lept into Luminata’s open arms, and they embraced eachother for a short while before breaking apart. “It’s good to see you Lumi!” Tinea fluttered as a grin smeared across their face.<br>Luminata smiled and fluttered back “Likewise, Tinea!”. They locked eyes for a bit, the chemistry exchanged between them stronger than a meth explosion. “Let’s go for a walk Tinea, I wanna show you something… grab my hand!”, a michivious smile purses Luminata’s lips for a bit, though Tinea does not seem to pick up on it. “Sure!” fluttered Tinea, “Let’s go, I trust you!”. Tinea grabbed onto Luminata’s hand, and as he did so Luminata jokingly fluttered “Lewd”. Tinea replies with a sharp and mocking “No!! No lewd!!”, after which they both have a short chuckle. They make their way through the velvet lit halls, their shadows dancing down the corridors as they swooped past corners and on their way to the dorms.<br>The two come to a stop infront of Dorm 3, Luminata then spins around on her heel and purrs to Tinea “You can’t tell anyone about what you see in here, okay?” adding a wink into her ultamatium. Tinea, still completely obivlious to what this all implies, shakes his head feverishly “I understand!”.</p> </span>

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