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The mimo that could. #10407 Published

There was once a mimo, he wasent very smart, poeple though he couldnt do anything, although what they didnt know was that the mimo had plans. Suddenly there was a declaration of war from the syndicate, they were after the nuclear authentication disk, and where gonna take it with force. so the mime geared up, grabbed a dubble barrel shotgun some protective clothing and a disabler, the mimo was already gathering materials for improvised shells when he heard a message trough the radio: "THERE IS A MAULER", the mimo knew what must be done. the mimo went to the suposite place where the mauler was sighted, when the mimo saw the mauler he started shooting *bang *boom bullets flew past the mimo and the mimo shot the mauler, eventualy there was a gas tank next to the mauler and the mimo shot it the mauler exploded but the mimo was never seen from again, end.

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