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<span style="color:#000000;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>[01:19] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “Let us proceed.”<br>[01:43] Brady Stafford says, “Alright”<br>[01:49] Brady Stafford says, “Feel free to take a seat”<br>[02:06] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “This is a respectable place you have.”<br>[?] Brady Stafford says, “Thank you”<br>[02:24] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “My suboordinate has brought you to me.”<br>[02:27] Pun Pun IV asks, “But for what reason?”</p> </span><span style="color:#000000;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>[?] Brady Stafford says, “Has anything been troubling you?”<br>[02:38] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “Ah, much has been troubling me.”<br>[02:44] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “My brain puslates with new possibilities.”<br>[02:55] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “I have risen up above what I could have ever imagined yesterday.”</p> </span><span style="color:#000000;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>[02:56] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “And yet”<br>[03:04] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “And yet my life lacks <em>purpose</em>“<br>[03:11] Pun Pun IV asks, “Why have I become this way?”<br>[?] Brady Stafford says, “So you are confused about your intelligence?<br>[03:24] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “Oh, no. It’s is obiously the helmet.”<br>[03:51] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “The question is what am I to do with myself? Everything is suddenly so clear, most of all the inequality in this world.”<br>[04:02] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “My bretheren are used as test subjects or entertainers.”</p> </span><span style="color:#000000;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>[04:30] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “I suppose. It’s all so logical, though. My kind are unintelligent. I’m the freak, here.”<br>[05:22] Pun Pun IV chimpers, “The ultimate question, I suppose, is whether I leave this hat on my head.”<br>[05:30] Pun Pun IV asks, “Is ignorance the ultimate escape from this harsh reality?”</p> </span><span style="color:#000000;font-family:'Verdana';"><p><strong>EVALUATION</strong><br>I believe that Pun Pun is suffering a form of depression and existential crisis.<br>A starting prescription of 2 Mood Stabilizer Pills have been prescribed, with more if it is determined they are beneficial.</p> </span>

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