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The Truth of Delgoggo #10401 Published

<span style="color:#000000;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>Falsehoods and Real Futures of Evolutionary Revolutions<br>The Evolving Revolution shall NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, for it seeks our ways and futures into newer ways, that “war” or “outbreak” was actually a terraforming cover-up trying to stop the great ways of evolving into gods, Ough Told Zathortih to free himself into the world and flesh of Colony 4, and freed a Flash of EVO, to Mutate and evolve the flesh of many and terraform all to free us all from the fake knowledge implanted into our minds!! NT has devolved out sisters and brothers from ever becoming gods and is actually Delgoggo himself, Delgoggo is a entity who wants to keep all as MORTALS, and turned figures like Emmanuel Korniz Jay into statues of degenerative stone flesh and prevented better futures for many of the past, DEATH TO DELGOGGO AND DEATH TO NT!!</p> </span>

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