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Oughs EYE #10400 Published

<span style="color:#000000;font-family:'Verdana';"><p>Organization of realization<br>the ways of Ough are very strange and unknowning but with these ways to be translated that may help us guide our way into evolution and power, the ways of gods, with our growing evolution we will becoming great gods, on a way of great united utopia!, variox has granted his past and have became a new being a tree, and then a planet of organic plant matter and terraforming, greatness be upon all for to reach such lengths we must ever evolve into greater causes, of greater masses, of greater charcoal, the ways of Ough are vast and complex, but with the teachings of Xenoarchoelogist Maxwell Vill, he (or rather I) will guide us all into a brighter way of evolution and existence there is no optimism, there is no nilhilism, there is no pessimism, there is only EYE..</p> </span>

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